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Tiahn Melhem

Instructor, Singapore

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

A former competitive gymnast, Tiahn is a veteran in the health and fitness industry. This foundation has helped drive Tiahns career as a Pilates instructor and PT. Recently back from the best fitness clubs in London, she is known for her infectious energy, passion, enthusiasm, and tough as hell classes. As soon as Tiahn closes the studio door she is all about putting in the work to get that deep muscle burrrrrrn! 

My Guilty Pleasure:

Spicy margarita with a heavily salted rim!

Class music style:

House music and trance all the way, wont hear anything else in my classes 


Perseverance!! Life ain’t easy man. It knocks us down and drives us backwards. But when people decide that they won’t let that stop them, when they pick themselves back up and move forward towards their dreams and goals – that’s inspiring!