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Sarah Mazza

Instructor, Australia

You gotta hustle for the muscle baby!

I’m a born and bred Melbourne girl, I grew up playing a lot of sport, and attended dance classes as soon as I could walk! 

Music inspires me, it lights up my soul and it motivates me to push myself to the limit. You’ll get to experience my passion for music through the epic beats and absolute bangers that I bring into the Red Room in every class. 

I discovered the Red Room whilst living in Sydney. The dark lights, loud music and the Instructor’s energy kept me coming back for more. The sweat and adrenaline rush was so addictive, I was hooked. I love taking class at Barry’s because it makes me feel alive!

My classes will challenge you, make your body sweat, and your muscles burn. The beats will transport you to a place that you never thought your body could take you. I focus on every part of your body, to ensure that you build both strength and endurance in each class. I love to see my clients push themselves past their comfort zone and achieve things they never thought that they could. The classes will be tough, but I’ll make you laugh with my weird one-liners and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

See you in the Red Room South Yarra!



Who inspires you..?

People who aren’t afraid to be their authentic self. Anyone who has dreams, and won’t stop till they make it their reality.  Life is what you make it ;)

Favourite day at Barry's..?

Total Body all the way! I love a snatch, renegade row, burpee, squat press… Oh yeah baby!

My guilty pleasure..?

Salted Caramel Gelato.. in a waffle cone…. And croissants. YUM! Also... Dancing on table tops!!!