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Emily Murza

Instructor, Australia

You don't get the ass you want by sitting on it!

Born and raised a small town Canadian gal, every season was spent playing a different sport. From ringette to figure skating, soccer, basketball and volleyball, to flag football in the snow. You name it – I’ve tried it!

Growing up with sports my entire life has given me a love and appreciation for always staying active. It has brought me joy, beautiful friendships and connections while teaching me the importance of staying competitive, physically resilient and keeping a disciplined mind. The fitness industry has given me a platform to share my drive, hunger and passion to support people in reaching their goals.

Every time you step foot in the Red Room, you get better & better. It is you vs you, and nobody else. All you need is that can-do attitude and I’ll do the rest. Inside my Red Room you can expect programming to work your muscles till failure, fun runs (pre warning I love utilising that left side of the treadmill) and a Drake beat or two.

My Inspiration..?

My mom. She can still beat me in an arm wrestle (not for long tho)!

Favourite Day At Barry's...?

Tuesday Leg Day baby! Squat. Lunge. Deadlift. Repeat.

Guilty Pleasure..?

Gelato Messina. It’s an obsession!