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Alicia Beveridge

Instructor, Australia

Sweat is magic! Cover yourself in it daily to grant your wishes.

From days styling for fashion magazines to years kicking ass in fitness studios, Barry’s is the pinnacle of my sweat career. Known as the athleisure queen, it’s a rare sight to see me out of active wear #leopardtights #chunkytrainers. 

In my classes, you can expect high energy, epic tunes and serious party vibes, because there’s nothing I get off on more than being your personal hype girl and butt-kicker. I’ll be your fitness cupid, helping you fall in love with fitness (insert hot and steamy relationship here), and lift heavier and run faster than you thought possible. Why you'll stay consistent? Because you'll have fun when you workout, and it won't feel like work! 

I want my clients to leave the red room on a serious endorphin high, like they are leaving a memorable night out with friends – with the added bonus of being a fitter, sexier version of themselves. 

Pre-requisite for my class? You know your great personality could use a hot body! Be ready to sweat and sparkle! 

I catch people checking out my…

Eyelashes and tattoos. They are all 100% real and authentic ;-)

My super Power:

Being the sunshine in someone's day


I’m inspired by people that don’t give up! This can be from my friends and family to my clients. They stare down tough times and hard work and come out on top. Also, I am totally inspired by people who are unapologetically themselves! Amen to that!