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Zac Hope

Instructor, Australia

Each day you wake up with the choice to grab life by the horns and ride it like a cowboy, or roll over and snooze your alarm. What’s your choice?

I worked many years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and instructing multiple forms of group fitness. I now dedicate my time to teaching HIIT Reformer Pilates and can now finally say I have found my calling as a Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor!

My friends describe me as one of the sassiest people they know. This translates into my classes - all of my clients live for the drama I sprinkle throughout each session. I’m all about creating a fun  vibe for everyone in the red room! In my classes you’ll find the sassiest diva tunes that everyone will want to sing along to (even if you are mid sprint!). 

I encourage everyone to push beyond their last performance, but I also drive everyone to strive above and beyond in each session, to reach new goals each week. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to look at themselves in the mirror and think “I’ve got the Barry’s Body!” and I promise we will have fun getting you there.

My guilty pleasure:

A cheeky glass or two of Sav Blanc.

Class music style:

Diva’s, pop icons (especially Ariana) - anything that makes you want to sing along!