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Prue Cormack

Instructor, Australia

Don’t talk about your plans, show them the results.

Born and bred in Melbourne, I have always had a passion for fitness and the human body. When I was yonger I competed in beach sprinting, basketball, gymnastics and rowing - you name it I’ve done it!
Following school I completed my Masters of Physiotherapy, became a qualified pilates instructor and was heavily involved in the sporting world.

My love of helping people reach their goals drew me to the fitness industry, as well as my own obsession with the Barry’s workout. I fell head over heels for Barry’s when I was in New York, and I have never looked back #ifyouknowyouknow. 
So put down that bad attitude, fire up and get ready to be a shredded legend!

Favourite day at Barry's

Abs & Ass. 

Guilty pleasures?
Aperol spritz, and the Ocean.