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Chelsea Bergman

Instructor, Australia

Work hard, play hard, and look great naked!


I was born in Bondi, but at a young age moved across the pond to Amsterdam, where I lived most of my life. But now I am back baby, and here to bless the red room with some relentless programming and some funky tunes. 


Before I got into fitness I worked as a full time DJ, traveling around Europe playing at many different parties, festivals and events. Although I loved my job, it often took a toll on my body (especially my liver, if you catch my drift). When COVID hit I decided to throw my life around and dedicated it to fitness, as this is something that always had my heart as I spent much of my childhood and young adult life playing competitive basketball. 


Fast forward to today I am the jack of all trades in fitness as I teach HIIT, boxing, pilates, reformer pilates, barre and spin. I am always challenging myself to learn new ways to kick your ass and I love nothing more than applying all that knowledge in the red room. 


I know that the best way to fall in love with fitness is to have fun doing it, so in my classes you can expect great music, lots of laughs, a little bit of pain but most importantly good vibes only. I am going to push you higher than you ever thought you could, but with a smile. 

My Super Power:

Making you smile, even on a bad day!

Guilty Pleasure

A spicy marg is like petrol for me.

Favourite Class:

Ass & Abs! Get ready to BURN BABY BURN