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Nayan Bhattacharyya

Instructor, Australia

You have to fight for the change you want to see!

Born and mostly raised in Sydney, I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness. I fell in love with group fitness after I joined my first spin class and have never looked back. With a PhD in Immunology, I deliver breakthroughs against microscopic foes, and now, I bring this dedication and fight to Barry’s, where I will help you battle for a faster, stronger and more resilient version of you.

You will come for the burn, and stay for the breakthroughs! In my classes, you'll find more than just a workout; you'll discover a space where dedication meets inspiration. My sessions are not just about having fun – they’re about who you are and who you can become. Your fight may be personal, but with me you will never be alone – we're in this together, rep by rep, beat by beat.


Every person who steps into the red room is fighting their own battle, be it physical or emotional. Witnessing their victories, small and large, fuels my passion.

Music Style:

Step into a high-energy arena powered by a mix of Trance, EDM, Drum and Bass, and infectious pop hits — each track chosen to drive you towards your next breakthrough.

Guilty Pleasure:

Salt and Vinegar Chips!