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Shiqeen Abdullah

Instructor, Australia

Never half ass anything. Whatever your do, always use your full ass!

I’m a late bloomer in fitness. I was never really drawn to any sports until I left high school. I played Touch Football competitively for a few years and when I graduated, I traded my Nike cleats for the iconic Kebaya uniform to become Singapore Girl. 

To counter the jet-lag from my travels and physically demanding job, I picked up yoga and that kick started my fitness journey. Whilst flying, I couldn’t suppress my love and passion for fitness and health that it led me to get my personal training certification. Since then I have been teaching group fitness classes. With my extensive background in HIIT group classes over the years, you can expect a lot of emphasis on technique and form, accompanied with a badass playlist to pump you up! Motto I live by — Be proactive about your dreams. Stop waiting, just get started. 

Guilty pleasure:

Chocolate cake!

Class music style:

Hip-Hop, RnB & heavy bass!