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Nikita Johnston

Instructor, Singapore

Pocket Rocket Energiser: I will motivate you to empower yourself to find the challenge and gain confidence that you never knew you had

Growing up on the Gold Coast I have a background in the entertainment industry working on stage in musical theatre & as an actress on television. Studying full time dance for two years is when I saw my passion for fitness & moving my body truly come alive!

For me Barrys is all about good times & I LOVE to create those good times! I’m all about getting you working hard but making sure you’re having the best time whilst doing it! You put in the effort, you get the results - and I'm here to make sure you do. My guarantee to you is to have you leaving the red room sweaty but smiling!

Favourite Food:

Anything that involves avocado!

My Super Power:

Stand next to me and I’ll make you believe you’ve just grown taller. 

My inspiration:

YOU! My Barry’s clients - you show up and you work hard. You are my inspiration.