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Mandalyn Tan

Instructor, Australia

“discipline will take you places where motivation can’t”

Biomedical engineering student by day and resident butt-kicker 24/7, Mandalyn’s love for fitness manifested from the simple goal to prove that the human body can do ANYTHING with enough practice. While initially intimidated by sports and fitness, she describes that her turning point was when she (unwillingly) joined a run. It was there she hit her first runner’s high, and has not turned back since. The now former competitive swimmer, rugby player, long distance runner, long jumper, self-proclaimed competitive napper will attest to the power of discipline - and how training the mind and body will change your life forever. 

Her years of experience coaching across a multitude of disciplines serves as a testament to her love for fitness and helping you find the strongest version of yourself. Nicknamed the “resident shaman” for her ability to push you beyond your limits every. damn. time. You’re guaranteed for a sick burn whenever you’re in her classes. Let’s get it Singapore!

Tunes i play in the red room:

Think dirty beats, heavy bass: i play a mix of house or techno tracks guaranteed to make you feel like dancing.

Fun fact about myself:

once spent 2 weeks training with a circus in wales in 2018. i can show you a few tricks if you ask nicely.

Favourite day at Barry’s:

Full body (lower focus) tuesdays!! these lamb shank looking legs didn’t just pop out of nowhere!