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Lorna da Costa

Instructor, Australia

Good health & a good sense of humour are the keys to a good life.

I may be Singapore based, but I'm an Irish farmers daughter at heart. The sweat life is all I have known from a very young age. I grew up heavily involved in Global Irish Dancing Championships, alongside having my little bubble of Musical Theatre and love for being on stage.  These competitions taught me discipline, respect, hard work and the importance of having good sportsmanship. The Performing Arts life added that oh so spicy dramatic flair and I went on to train full time in BodyWork Cambridge Performing Arts. 

Believe it or not, the cut throat world of performing, five dance classes a day was not enough to stand out from the best and develop that “perfect stage body”. I knew in order to get booked for jobs I had to put in the extra work. I developed a huge passion for both running and lifting weights and saw how this transformed both my mind and body dramatically. 

I have now shifted my discipline and focus on getting others results they desire, and I have yet to experience anything more fulfilling than transforming someone else’s life. My love of all things fitness introduced me Barry’s and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the best workout in the world. I can promise you an intense class, with strategic programming with the best vibes always.  With me, you'll have serious fun, whilst achieving serious results along the way!

Guilty Pleasure:

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes.I am a sucker for a roast dinner!

Super Power:

Making you hit your best sprint every.single.time.

I catch people checking out:

My Husband. Whoops!