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Kath Ebbs

Instructor, Australia

Life is meant to be lived, not endured. Enjoy yourself!

My name is Kathleen Ebbs (they/she) but you can call me Kath!

I am a Sydney based queer performer, presenter, content creator and fitness lover. My work focuses on LGBTQIA+ visibility, feminism and physical/mental health. Partnering with brands such as Nike, Bonds & Spotify. 

Around 4 years ago while travelling in LA, a friend took me to a Barry's class in Venice Beach and I fell in absolute love! From then on whenever I was in the US I would religiously go to Barry's classes to get my fix. When I found out they were coming to Australia I nearly jumped out of my chair. “My favourite workout is on home soil!” . I attended weekly classes ever since and had a goal to one day become a part of the Barry's instructor family, and here we are!

My background in dance has influenced the way I approach fitness, focusing on longevity and playfulness, rather than fatigue and rigidness. Working out should be enjoyable, personally exercising is one of my favourite hours of the day. Though, it wasn’t always like this. Through many trials and errors I have finally found what works for me and this sense of peace within my body, which so many of us sadly struggle with. I now train because I love myself not out of self hatred!

I carry this philosophy into everything I do. With the belief life is meant to be lived, not endured.

My Inspirations..?

My friends & my siblings. Some of the greatest people I know.

Guilty Pleasure..?

Hot chips (minus the guilt!)

Red Room Music Style..?

Disco House baby!!!