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Joanne Boulat

Instructor, Australia

Smile! It’s free and it looks good on you!

Born in Australia, my love for running runs deep. Three mornings a week I would run along the bay in Melbourne with my local running club. The gorgeous beach views aside, the highlight for me was always the post run high and fun loving community. I was introduced to weights and strength training in 2014, fell in love with the discipline it required. 

Since taking my first Barry's class in San Francisco in 2017, I became a true addict. Barry's is a fusion of my favourite (and most efficient) workout methods built into one high-energy workout that always leaves me coming back for more. I have absolutely loved instructing Barry’s in Sydney, and I am super excited to continue my Barry’s journey in Singapore! 

Mantra to finish that sprint:

“You can do anything for 60 seconds!”

Guilty Pleasure:

Caramel Tim Tams! Once the packet is open... consider it gone!