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Jo Yee Tan

Instructor, Australia

Small but mighty!

I bring a professional dance and performance background that has shaped my journey towards fitness. A personal injury pushed me to discover alternative ways to experience those daily endorphins and now I'm dedicated to helping others surpass their personal bests and experience those exhilarating highs every single day. 

Don't let my sweet exterior fool you; I'm a firecracker who will push you to the limit in the redroom. As your personal ray of sunshine, I'll motivate you to break a sweat on the treads and conquer the floor. My professional dance background ensures the beats will drop, getting you hyped and ready to dig deep in the studio.  

I'm also a huge dog lover, a sports fanatic, and I have this habit of bursting into song or breaking out into dance spontaneously! 

Guilty pleasure:
Redroom Karaoke
Favourite day at Barry’s:
Lower Focused Tuesday
Super Power:

Killing you with Kindness