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Jian Hong Teng

Instructor, Australia


Growing up, I was always extremely active. I would constantly be running around, kicking a ball and breaking stuff at home. In short, I was a nightmare for my parents. I eventually managed to channel all that extra energy into competitive running when I joined my school’s cross-country team. And when your Barry’s Instructor is a former competitive runner… you should know what to expect on the treadmills! 

As someone who is passionate about fitness and sports, I love trying out different types of workouts. As long as it gets my heart rate up, I’m down for it! I am also an ACE certified personal trainer, so feel free to ask me any exercise-related questions! 

Besides being a Barry’s Instructor, I am also a practising lawyer – so when I’m not in the Red Room, you can find me in the courtroom.

My Superpower..?

I can sense when someone in the Red Room is slacking off!!

Red Room music style?

EDM and Hip Hop.

Favourite place in the World?

The gym!

My guilty pleasure?

Can’t resist a McSpicy meal!