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Jeremy Lee

Instructor, Australia

We can help each other to become superheroes in our own lives.

As a Barry’s instructor and Pilates teacher, I draw from these disciplines to give you workouts that will truly make you feel like a superhero!

My core belief is that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a fit body! I believe in training hard and giving your body time to grow and adapt. I will always have my eyes on your technique and alignment so that you can have longevity in your movement with good form always. Together, we will have fun and I promise you will leave my classes feeling your best.

My goal:

Enable my clients to shatter their glass ceiling and reach greater height

My guilty pleasure:

Milkshake, cakes, Waffles, ice cream etc. Basically anything that satisfy my sweet tooth!

My mantra to finish that last sprint:

Dessert is waiting for me at the finish line.