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Gino Morales

Instructor, Australia

All or nothing. Always. All day, everyday


I have always been known to never stop moving. Growing up, i’ve always had a love for sports and I gravitate towards physical activities that challenge me. 

Fitness is a huge part of my life and I would just die if I had to stop being active. I love incorporating many different styles of training into my fitness regime and that’s what you’ll definitely experience in my classes!

Growing up a 90s baby, I’m a huge fan of Hip-hop, R&B and EDM. You’d be hearing a blend of Old School along with New school. Expect loads of 00’s to 10’s and even 20’s hits that will have you singing your heart out to on every Sprint!

My Superpower:

I’d eat and still be hungry in 2 hours or less.

Fun fact:

I’m Ambidextrous.

Guilty Pleasure:

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy

Favourite Day:

Total Body!!