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Fay Clough

Instructor, Australia

People may forget what you say or what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Most people are surprised to hear that growing up I was intimidated by sports and fitness, but somewhere along the way I started trying… and I never stopped! I finally obtained my ACE certification in 2012, became a personal trainer and fell in love with teaching high-energy group classes. I’ll never forget my first Barry’s class, barely making it on the last sprint, I thought to myself “This is good for me in the long run” .. pun intended!  So proud to join the ultimate #BarrysFitFam!

My mantra to finish that last sprint…

Don’t count the seconds... make them count!

Class music style:

Hiphop, hard house & techno.

My superpower:

I can fall asleep ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.