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Natalia Mitchell

Instructor, Australia

I am bringing the fire baby! 

You can count on this red head to turn the heat up in the red room. 


My fitness journey actually began in Berlin of all places. 

Originally from New Zealand, I set out 10 years ago to discover more of the world and myself. 


Living in Germany for the last 7 years, so far from home was a challenge but every time things got tough, fitness was always there to remind me of my strength and remind me that I am capable of hard things. It was then that I realised I wanted to remind others of their own strength and inspire others to feel their best selves.


Fitness is never just physical, it’s mental too. Fitness is an outlet for any stressful or negative emotions and a way to bring back in good ones.


When I left the red room for the first time in Berlin, the rush of endorphins was like no other!

Sweaty bodies, dark room, loud music and it’s all good for you? Yessssss, I knew Barry's was for me.


Fresh in Melbourne, you can expect high energy and seriously dark and dirty beats, of course there will be techno.


My goal is to create a safe space for you to release any tension, to feel strong and inspired to get out of your comfort zones.


It will be spicy but it will be worth it!

Guilty pleasures?

Watching a whole TV series in 1 day surrounded in snacks.

What inspires you?

The journey and progress of others, to bring them to a happier and stronger place.

Fave class?

It's Arms & Abs for me. LOVE destroying my arms!