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Josh Adams

Instructor, Australia

THE BEST VIEW COMES AFTER THE HARDEST CLIMB I grew up just outside of Manchester, England and loved exercise from an early age. This love for exercise and sport led me to study the subject at Loughborough University and land a job at Tottenham Hotspur F.C. This background in professional sport gave me an eye for detail and technique. My calmness and confidence allows me to deliver this level of technical coaching amid a high-octane environment like Barry’s - I've become known for this technical style of teaching I bring to boutique fitness. I'm not your typical fitness instructor. I'm not a cheer-leader, I'm a leader. I’ll have you hanging on my every word as I get inside your head and push you to achieve what you know you’re capable of. If you’re looking to be coached and to achieve more than you could alone, come to my class. I can't wait to have you! 

What inspires me?
Underdogs. Nothing ignites my soul quite like watching someone achieve what others said they couldn’t.
What’s my personal mantra?

I have two: 1) You reap what you sow 2) You never know what’s behind a closed door.

What’s my superpower?

Getting inside people's head.