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Chloe Jackson

Instructor, Australia

Picking up a 5kg dumbbell ain't gonna cut it sweetie! 
I was born in Sydney but grew up in London for 15 years - I had the biggest dance mum you could have ever known, from doing Disney channel adverts to Westend in London. 
I left home at age ten to train in elite full-time Ballet at The Royal Ballet School. Ballet training took me all over the world to compete in competitions and perform in Hong Kong, Paris and America. 
I got scouted while I was competing in Hong Kong to dance in New Zealand with the Ballet there. Two years later I decided to hang my pointe shoes up after 17 years of dancing and start a fresh career. AKA, I just wanted to eat. 
I started coaching Reformer, Barre and dedicated my time to fitness. I’m the baby of the Barrys family but she’s just as feisty as them all. I have a few nicknames that you will hear around the Red Room, Bendy Wendy or The Rocket. I like to think I live up to them. Attending my classes will be unique as I am a bit of a form freak so we will get you comfortable lifting heavy and perfect your form.

Guilty pleasures?
Stuffing my face with a whole packet of sour lollies daily while training my quads 2x a week like a nutter, I’m rather proud of my lamb shank looking legs. 
Favourite Exercises?

BURPEES… I know I’m that weirdo. If I wake up sore, I’m a happy girl. 

Favourite class?

Total Body is the go. Good luck walking the next day!